Optimising Human Performance for Better Business Outcomes

Workplace Safety & Environmental Strategy

Working with Directors and Executives, to help build the culture, systems and behaviours that lead to safe, efficient and sustainable outcomes.

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Reviews, Audits & Investigation

Conducting independent enquiries into the culture, systems and structures relating to the management and performance of an organisation’s health, safety & environmental responsibilities.

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Copy Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading documents, research papers, medical theses to help authors maximise their communication potential.

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Products & Supporting Materials

Select from a range of products and services, developed to support the implementation of a new healthy, safe and environmentally sustainable culture.

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About HPO Consulting

Human performance optimisation covers all human factors domains, people practices, risk management, occupational health and safety, governance and change management and it is the way to achieve your organisational goals.

HPO Consulting has a unique approach and a strong track record in designing and implementing top-line, innovative, cost-effective business and people solutions. We have experience across Australia and in New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe, at all levels of organisations and working across diverse industries such as:

  • Medicine & Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Rail
  • Heavy Construction
  • Agriculture

You gain from the knowledge and skills gleaned working in partnership with our strategic alliances. Our network has worked together and supported each other across major projects in many industries around the world - this helps us create better solutions for you.

Talk to us about co-designing a solution that meets your specific needs, to deliver sustainable performance improvements and measured cost savings.

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